Interior Photographer Adam Taylor | Long Beach, CA

I help interior designers, architects, builders, and home product companies build their brand and tell their story through high-end photography. Email me today to set up a photo shoot.

I work slow and methodical to ensure the end result is absolutely perfect. During the shoot I wirelessly tether the camera to an iPad to analyze every detail in the frame before capturing the shot. This also allows you to review the images on a large screen, on site, in real time.

Every artist has their own style, vision, and preferences. My keen eye for a beautiful composition is second to none, but I also love collaborating and sharing ideas with designers to bring their visions to life through my images.

Post production is a huge part of interior photography because we are selling a dream, lifestyle, and/or product, so I go over every inch of each photo to remove blemishes, distractions, and other eye sores.

My turn around time is faster than anyone in the industry, partly because of the skills I’ve developed over the years, but mostly due to the fact that I get so excited to see the finished photos that I can’t stand to wait to edit them!

Blending Exposures

When shooting I capture images at several different exposures with and without flashes. This gives me numerous options for post production blending resulting in a flawless image that shows off your space or project the best way possible. Scroll through the series of photos below to see how the process works.

Step by Step

To get a glimpse of my editing process scroll through this series of images to see how the photo comes together step by step.


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